‘Do It In Style’: How A Beautiful Pen Makes Life’s Biggest Moments Even More Special
‘Do It In Style’: How A Beautiful Pen Makes Life’s Biggest Moments Even More Special
Do life's landmark moments justice with a Montblanc pen.
15 September 2022 Article by Jamie Weiss (DMARGE)

This article was first published and produced by DMARGE in partnership with Gregory Jewellers and Montblanc


Even in our modern, complicated world, there are few things more special or powerful than the simple pen. Writing is at once both a necessity and an art: putting pen to paper isn’t just a way to communicate, but it’s a way of expressing your individuality.


The pen, too, is the channel through which many of life’s most special moments come to fruition. From signing a contract at an exciting new job to writing a birthday card or heartfelt letter, the pen is an essential part of life’s journey.


Yet we’re often guilty of not giving those moments (or indeed, ourselves) the respect; the justice they deserve, by using a substandard pen.


On the other hand, the value of a watch even in this digital age is widely understood. Sure, your phone might be able to tell you the time, but a fine timepiece not only helps you express your individuality but it allows you to have a different, more contemplative experience of time. We should think of pens as lending a similar sort of gravitas to the act of writing.


Video Courtesy of Montblanc

Quite simply, nothing else looks or feels like a Montblanc StarWalker BlackCosmos pen. We mentioned gravitas earlier – well, writing with one of these fine pens inspired by the mystery and elegance of space has plenty of it.


“Watches are very close to my heart but a fine pen represents something different to me,”  Helen Gregory, Co-CEO of Gregory Jewellers, explains.


“It represents something intimate. A pen is often the vehicle by which you create or initiate change in your life. You sign a contract, a mortgage, a marriage certificate, a birth certificate with a pen. The pen is so central to you making these pacts or promises. A beautiful pen is such an iconic symbol of milestones for me. I also love the idea that you carry a pen in your pocket and it becomes part of your person.”


DMARGE Founder and Publisher Luc Wiesman puts it this way: “signing a multi-million dollar mortgage or marrying the person of your dreams is a big deal… Signing those documents with a biro is not good enough.”


Just as the advent of quartz timekeeping didn’t kill the watch, the rise of the personal computer hasn’t killed pens. Digital devices are often quite disposable in nature, whereas a pen represents a more lasting, more meaningful method of communication.


Image Courtesy of Montblanc


“I think in this digital world, where people write less, we truly appreciate penmanship,” Gregory relates.


“I love receiving handwritten notes and invitations, they really do feel like art to me… I find that I am better at communicating with emotion when I hand write. I also love handwriting my desires and hopes for the future… I feel I have a clarity with pen and paper that cannot be replicated with a keyboard.”


And that’s what makes a fine pen – and the writing it can produce – truly special. In our fast-paced world, we often don’t have the chance to slow down and really take things in.


Communication has never been easier, but it’s also never been more shallow.


Writing with a fine pen is contemplative and meaningful in a world where too many things are disposable or lack meaning. Not only do they enhance your creativity; give your writing form and purpose, but they signify not only to others but to yourself that you’re appreciating life’s special moments properly. It’s about being authentic and living life well.

In essence, you owe it to yourself, and others, to use a fine pen for life’s biggest moments – and everything in between.


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